How To Change Your Default Browser In Windows 11, 2024

Hello Friends, How Are You All, I Hope Everyone Is Well. Today’s Blog Will Show You How To Change Your Default Browser In Windows 11. If You Read This Blog In Full Once, You Will Not Have To See Any Other Articles. In This Article I Will Show You The Complete Solution, You Can Change The Browser And Keep Your Favorite Browser, I Hope You All Like It.

How To Change Your Default Browser In Windows 11

How To Set Your Default Browser In Windows 11, Whether You Want “Google Chrome”, “Microsoft Edge”, Or “Mozilla Firefox”, You Will Have Your Default Browser Set In No Time So Let’s Go Ahead And Dive Right Into It.

All Right So Here We Are On My “Windows 11” PC And The First, Thing I Should Mention. Make Sure You Have The “Browser Installed”, That You Wanting To Set As Default If You’re Wanting “Firefox” Or Chrome, Make Sure Those Are Installed You Probably Already Have Edge Installed On Your Windows 11.

Windows 11 PC So The First Thing

Pc So The First, Thing We Need, Do Is Get Into The Default “App Settings”, So To Do That Head On Down To The Bottom Here And You Will See Your Little “Windows Menu”, Or Your Start Icon We’re Going To “Right Click”, On That Not Left Click But Right Click And A Little Window Is Going To “Pop Up”.

That Looks Something Like This And We Are Looking For The “Settings”, Option “Right Here” You Can Go Ahead And “Click On Settings” It’s Going To Load Up The Settings for Us Over Here On The Left Hand Side. You’re Going To See A Whole. Bunch Of Options, You Will See The Apps Option Right. Here Go Ahead And Left Click On That And Then You Should See The Option Here That Says Default Apps.


You Can Left-click On That As Well

And It’s Going To Open Up This “Default Apps”, Section So Another Quick. The way To Get Here Is To “Head On Down”, To The Magnifying Glass At The Bottom. And Do A Quick “Search For Default Apps”, And It Should. Take You “Right” To This Area. Now Here You Are, Going To See Several Different Programs And You Should See All The Browsers.

That You Have Installed, On Your Pc So I’ve Got “Firefox Here” I’ve Got “Google Chrome”, I’ve Got Even “Internet Explorer” And I’ve Got Microsoft, Edge When You Find The “Browser”, That You’re Looking. You Can Go Ahead And “Left Click” On It And It’s Going To Show You “Different File” Types As Well As The “Browsers”, Are Set As Your Default So If I “Scroll Down”, Here You Can See Http Is Set To Microsoft Edge.

Windows 11 Https Is Set To Microsoft Edge

And Even “File Types, For Example, Pdf Svg Or Webp Are All. Set To “Microsoft Edge”, So To Set Something. As Your “Default”, At The Top Here You Should See It. It says to Make “Microsoft Edge”, Your “Default Browser”, You Can Go Ahead And “Left Click” On Set “Default” Here And It’s Going To Set That As Your “Default Browser” Now I Already, Have Microsoft Edge.

Set As My Default Browser, Let’s Jump Over To “Mozilla”, And Have A Quick Look There. If We “Left Click” On “Mozilla Firefox”, And Again At The Top It Says Make “Firefox”, Your Default Browser. Go Ahead And Hit Set Default And The Ones That Apply For Your Browser.


Will Switch, Over To Firefox, Just Like HTTP and Https If I Jump Over To Chrome, I Can Do The Same Thing. There And I Do Want To Show You For Different, File Types, As Well So Make Chrome Your Default Browser. Just Go Ahead And “Left Click” On That And They’ll All Switch Over To “Chrome” Often File Types, Like Pdfs, Or Svgs, Even Webp, Files.

Will Open Up In Your Browser Windows

You May Want To Switch, Some Of These To The Browser. That You’re Looking, For As Well So For Example. If You Click On A PDF, In Your Browser. We Want That To Switch, Over And Load Up In Chrome. As Well So You See It Says PDF “Microsoft Edge”. Let’s Go Ahead And Left, Click On This. And We Can Select Which Program.

We’d Like I’m Going To Go Ahead. And Click “Google Chrome” And Now Pdf. Will Automatically Open Up In “Chrome” I Can Do The Same Thing. For Svgs Here As Well As Web P’s. Here So Click On That And You Can Go Through. These One By One And Decide, Which File Types You’d Like To Open Up In Google Chrome. And It’s Really, That Simple To Set Your Default Browser, Here In Windows 11.



I Hope You Have Seen, This Blog Of Mine Completely. If You Have Seen This Blog Completely, Then Your Problem Is Solved. You Can Set The Default Browser, Of Your Windows 11. If You Want To Know Something, You Can Tell In The Comment Box Below.

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