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How To Disable Ads In Windows 11 (2024)

Hello Friend, How Are You All Hope Everyone Is Well. In Today’s Article, You Can See How To Disable Ads In Windows 11. I Know You Have Done Many Articles But The Problem with your Windows 11 Computer is if You Read This Article Fast To Last, Then Your Computer Will Disable Ads and Block a Hundred Percent.

Showing You How To Disable Those Annoying Ads

That appears in Various Places In Windows 11, And Microsoft, Allows From Select Third-party Vendors And Those From Microsoft. Themselves To Promote, Their Own Services For The First Step Open The Settings App You Could Rightclick The “Start Menu” And Select It Or Use The Keyboard Shortcut Which Is The Windows Key Plus I In The Left Pane.

Select Privacy And Security

Under “Windows 11”, Permissions Click On General The Two Primary, Ones You Want To Turn Off Here Are Let App Show Me Personalize Ads By Using My “Advertising ID” This Will Disable. Most Of The Systematic, Advertising In Windows 11. The Other One To Turn Off Is Show Me Suggested Content In The Settings App You Might.

Also Want To Consider, Turning These Others Off As Well That Track. Your Behavior And Are Otherwise Irritating, For This Next Step We’ll Stop Windows 11. From Suggesting Ways They Think You Can Use Their “Operating System” Better Which Annoys Some Users In “Settings” Select.


System On The Left

Then Here On The “Right Click” Notifications Scroll Down And Select Additional Settings. Uncheck All Of These To Disable, Them And This Will Put A Stop To Windows 11. Operating System, Suggestions In This Step We’ll Disable. Those Targeted Ads And Feature Suggestions are based On Your Usage Behavior And The Programs. You Use That Are Monitored By Microsoft In Settings.

Select “Personalization”, Here On The Left Then On The “Right Scroll”, All The Way Down And Click On Device, Usage Toggle All Of These Off That Are Listed. To Completely, Disable The Targeted. Ads And Feature Suggestions Based On Your Usage Behavior, And The Apps That You Use In A Controversial. Move “Windows 11”, Now Has Ads In File Explorer, In File Explorer To “Disable” These Ads Click The Menu Icon And Select Options In The “Popup Window 11”.


That Appears Click On The View

Tab In “Advanced Settings”, Scroll Down, and Look For Show Sync Provider Notifications. Uncheck The Box When You’re Done With That Click Apply, To Save The Change Little Known Fact Instead. Clicking Apply Clicking Okay Will Also Save The Change. A related Close The Window 11.

Some Of The Ads Will Pop Up As “Notifications” To Promote Their Products Or Suggest A Feature, In Their Product If You Don’t Want To See These Open The “Settings”, App And Select the System. On The Left And Then Notifications, On The “Right Scroll”, Down To The List Of Apps Next To Sort By In The Drop- drop-down menu.


Select Name Turn Off All

Those That You Don’t Want To Get “Notifications” From In My Case I’ll Turn Off Feedback Hub “Microsoft Store”, And Snipping Tool If You’re Being Bombarded. By Some Of These And You Find Them To Be An Annoyance Just Turn Them Off Thanks For Watching.

If These Tips Were Useful, For You Give This Video A Thumbs Up & Share It With Others How Do You Feel About “Microsoft Inserting” Ads And Recommendations? In Their Operating System, Let Me Know In The Comments And If You Haven’t. Done So Already And Click The Bell To Stay Up To Date With The Latest “Windows 11”, Tips And Tricks And Other Tech Related Stuff.



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