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How To Enable Widgets In Windows 11, 2024

Hi Guys And Welcome To “TECH SOME TV”, In This Article, We’re Gonna Talk About How To Enable Widgets In Windows 11. Settings Menu From Windows 11, On The Dev Blog, So For Those Of You Who Don’t Know Microsoft Added. A New “Widget Settings Menu” On The Dev Channel Which You Can Access.

By Clicking Your “Profile Slash Settings”, Button And From: There You Have A Few Options, One Of Them Being The Most Wanted Option To Disable. The Open Widgets Board On Hover So You Will Be Able To Disable, That Once You Enable. The New Widget Settings Menu That New Widget Settings Menu.


Why Are There No Widgets In Windows 11?

Is Only Rolled Out To A Limited: Number Of Windows 11. And Setters But Thanks To Phantom, Motion 3 On Twitter. We Have The Command. To Enable That With Live So As A Thanks To Fan Emotion 3 Please. Go Ahead And Follow, Him On Twitter, Because He Deserves To Follow you before Showing You How To Enable The New Widget.

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How To Enable Widgets In Windows 11

To Be On A Later Build, On The Dev article At Least And Next. Up, Of Course, You’re Going To Download. Vive Tool, Is A Tool That Helps Us Enable. Different Hidden Features In Windows 11. We’re Going To Have The Download Link In The Article Below: In The Description Just Installed. The Latest “Version.Zip”, Open Up The Downloaded Archive.


Then Click On Extract All, And Here Browse For System 32. Location That Would Be The Specie Local. List C Windows 11. Then Scroll Down To System 32, And Select It Click On Select Folder. And Then Click On Extract In My Case I’m Going. To Have To Replace The Files Of The Destination Because I Already.

Did This Click On Continue A Few Times

And You Should Be Good, To Go Live Tool Should Be Completely And Successful. Set Up On Your Computer. Now What You’ll Need To Do Is To Open The “Search Box”, Up In Their Cmd And Run “Cmd As Administrator”, By Clicking On Ron As Administrator Unusual Account Control Of Course.

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Click On Yes In “Cmd”, You’re Gonna Have To Paste In At Least One “Command”, You Will Be Able To Find Both Commands. In The Article In The Video’s Description. The First Link The First One Is The Command. That Will Enable The “Widget Settings Menu”, You Should Receive The Message Successfully Set Feature Configuration.

How Do I Access Windows Widgets?

But The “Second Command”, Is For Notification Badging. If You Don’t Have That Enabled, There’s Also A Setting. In The Access Windows “Widgets Settings”, Menu That Has To Do With The Notification. Badging So If You Don’t Have That Enabled, We Can Just Run The Second, Command. As Well And After, You Did All This You Can Close. Out Everything And You Will Need To Restart.


Your Computer, For The Changes To Take Effect Only That Will Enable. The New Widget Settings Menu I’m Going To “Restart My Computer”, And Come Back Again Now After “Restart” If You Click On The Widgets. Board Button And Then Click On “Your Profile”, Or The “Settings Button” You’re Gonna.

Have This New Widget Taskbar Settings

So First Of All We Have, The Most Wanted Option Show “Widgets”, On Hover See Widgets. Paid While “Hovering On The Taskbar”, You Can Disable. This And If You Disable, It Once You Hover Over The Widgets. Pane It Will No Longer Open The Board. When You Hover Over That Is Nice We Also Have Show Widgets Badging.

See the Widgets Notification, On The Taskbar I Also Saw. A Lot Of People That Wanted. This To Be Disabled. Can Now! “Disable” It From Here And Also Show Widget Rotation. See Updates From Widgets, On The Taskbar, Can Leave This On In My Opinion. For Me, I’m Just Gonna Disable Show Widgets On Hover And The Other Settings.


Will Be Left Unable, So This Is How You Enable The New “Widget Settings”, Menu On Windows 11 On The Dev Blog, It’s Simple The Commands. Will Be In The Article Below: In The Description. So You Can Get Them From There If You Enjoyed This Article. Don’t Forget To Leave A Like Below. Also, notification To The Tech Base Blog With The Notification Bell Activated. So That You Won’t Miss Any Future Published. Like This One I Was Emmanuel From TECH SOME TV, Until Next Time Have A Nice Day.



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