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How To Install Windows 11 Moment 5 And Turn On Its Features, 2024

Hi “Tech Some TV”, Here is Where Tech Is Made Simple So Our How To Install Windows 11 Moment 5 And Turn On Its Features. Update Is Currently Being Finalized, In The Release Preview Blog, By Microsoft With Windows 11, Builds 2621 3227 And 2631 3227 And That’s With The Next Buck Fix Update.

Kb50 34848 And As I Mentioned, We Are Going To Be Getting; That Next Bug Fix Update Suggested. To Be Rolling Out Uh On The 27th Of February. Which Is The Last Tuesday Of February 2024, So Um Because It’s In the Release Preview. Now Just A Couple Of Days Before We Get Our Next Feature Update. Now Microsoft Does Say Along: With This Update We Are Also Releasing A February Windows 11.

Windows 11 Configuration Update

And This Is the “Five Feature Update”, As I’ve mentioned, The Moment Five Will Be Released: As A Separate Update Along With The Buck Fix Update. If You Have This Toggle Turned On Get The “Latest Updates”, As Soon As They’re Available. Which Will Be Kb50 35349 And This Will Be For Both Windows 11.

Version 2282, And 23 H2 Introduce a Few New Features And Improvements, And We’re Going To Have A Quick Look, At Some Of Those Just A Brief Overview. I Have Posted: A Whole Video Previously On Windows 11″ Moment 5 Feature Update And What More To Expect And I’ll Leave That Down Below.

Because It Will Give You A Little Bit More Info, But Just To Go Through: This Very Quickly If You Would Be Interested. As To Some Of The Uh Features, We Could See Roll Out Now With Moment 5. If You Have This Toggle Turned. On When It Does Make, Its Way Into The Stable Version. Which As Mentioned We Should Start Seeing On The 27th Of February Now.

Compared To Windows 11

Version 24 H2: Moment 5 Is A Small, Feature Update And Microsoft Is Um Leaving All The Big Feature Features, For Version 24 H2 So In Effect This Is Possible, The Last Moment Update. We Will See For Version 232 Of “Windows 11”, Now A Lot Of The Um So-called: New Improvements And Features have to Do With “Voice Access” Which Microsoft.

Is Focusing A Lot On And This Is Obviously, An Accessibility Feature”, Where You Can Use A “Voice To Type” And Control Your Device: So Just To Go Through; What We More Or Less Can Expect To See When This Does Roll Out, To The Stable Version, But Go Check That The Video Out If You Want More Info Voice Access Will Be Available In Additional.

Languages Will Be French That’s France, Canadian, German, And Spanish Spain, Mexico. You Will Also Be Able To Use All “Voice Access” Features On Multiple Displays, There Will Also Be Voice Cuts Or Custom: Commands In Voice Access, and You’ll Also Be Able To Use Voice Access To Open Applications.

Dictate Text And Interact With Elements, On The Screen And You Can Also Use Your Voice To Command. Narrator So Quite A Lot Going On With Voice Access: And Narrator Is Also An “Accessibility Feature”, As Many Of You Will Know So If We Just Head, To That Quickly Here We Go Narrator, A Narrator Is A Screen Reader That Describes, What’s On Your Screen And When It Comes To Narrator.

You Can Now Also Listen To A Preview Of The 10

Natural Voices In Narrator Before You Download, Them So That’s Have Quite A Little Small Adjustment, You Get Significant For Narrator, And So That’s Voice Access: And Narrator, And Then Window 11, Share Is Something. Else That’s Um Going To Be Getting Quite A Lot Of Attention: And That’s The Nearby Share And Uh Um Which Basically. Lets You Share Files Photos And Links With Nearby Windows Devices And Uh Windows 11.

Share Window Will Use The Account if You Use it To Sign In For Apps, Um That Are In Share Using For Example: If You Use Microsoft, Count Msa To Sign In You’ll See Microsoft Teams So When You Use A Microsoft, Entra ID Account Uh To Sign In Your: Microsoft Teams Contacts Show Instead, So That’s More Or Less Where The Window Will Use The Account.

You Use To Sign In For Apps: That Are In Share Using And Then The Window 11. Share Window Will Also Support Sharing, With WhatsApp in The Share Using Section, If You Do Not Have WhatsApp installed, You Can Install It From The Windows 11: Share Window And When It Comes To Quick Settings. Apparently Um Microsoft, Says Um You Can Use Quick Settings Or The Settings App To Turn On Nearby Share.

When This Update, Does Roll Out If You Do And Wi-fi And Bluetooth: Or Off Wifi And Bluetooth. Will Turn On To Make Nearby Shares, Work As You Expect. If You Turn Wi-fi Or Bluetooth, Sorry If You Turn Off Wi-fi Or Bluetooth. Nearby Share Turns Off As Well So Quite A Lot Going: On With Uh The Nearby Share And Sharing. And Uh You’ll Also Be Able To Give, Your Device: A More Friendly Name; To Identify It When Sharing.

  • So For This Obviously: You Go To Your Setting System Nearby Sharing.
  • And Then Yeah You’ll Be Able To Rename, Your Device And They’ve Also Improved.
  • Nearby Share Transfer Speed For Users On The Same Network
  • Before You Had To Be On The Same Private Network. Now You Must Be On The Same Public Or Private Network.

So Quite A Lot Going On When It Comes To Voice Access. Nearby Share And So On And Then Heading Back To The Quick Settings, Menu What We Can Also Expect. To See Is That The Cost Fly Out “Menu In Quick Settings”, Uh Will Give You More Help To Find Nearby Displays. Fix Connect And More And When It Comes, To Snap Layouts If You Do Use Snap Layouts Microsoft says they Will Be Adding Suggestions To Snap Layouts.

Um, They Help You To Instantly: Snap Multiple App Windows 11. Together And Then Over And Above That There Are Improvements: To The Microsoft 365. Cloud PC Where There Will Be Improvements, For Windows 365. Boot And Windows 365. Switch And I Think I Did Cover That In That Previous Blog So Go Check That Out If You Want More Info, Regarding That Now If You Don’t Have This Toggle Turned. Get The Latest Updates As Soon As They’re Available Um When This.

Update Rolls Out All You Will Get Windows 11

Is The Bug Fixing Update Kb50, 34848, And If You Do Have. This Toggle Turned, You’ll Get a Moment. Five Plus The Bug Fixing Update. So Just Take. Note Of That So If You Want To Stick Around And Just To Go Through. More Or Less Um What Will Roll Out With The Actual Bug Fix? Update Kb5 34848: It Will Include The Following Following Improvements. And We Get Three New Features Rolling Out.

Over The Next Couple Of Days; With Our Next Buck Fix Update. Uh The Co-pilot In Windows 11. Icon Will Now Appear On The Right Side Of The System Tray So I Think: That’s Now Given And That’s Going, To Be Starting To Roll Out Across The Board. Which I’m Quite Happy To See I’ve Spoken, Quite A Lot On That So I’m Not Going To Delve. Too Much Into That Moving To The Right Hand Side Of The System Tray And Then If We Head Back To Our “Bluetooth And Devices”.

Uh Phone Link Uh This Page Is Getting, Renamed To Mobile Devices: So The Phone Link Settings Page. Will Get A New Name Called. Mobile Devices, Instead Of Phone Link And Then In Regards. To The Snipping Tool, I’m Just Going To Mention This Quickly, You Can Now Use The “Snipping Tool”. On Your PC to Edit The Most Recent Photos, And Screenshots From Your And Android Device.

  1. Uh You Will Get An Instant, Notification On Your PC when Your Android Device. Captures A New Photo Or Screenshot.
  2. And I Also Think I Covered That In That Previous Blog. So Go Check That Out Those Are The New Features: That Will Be Rolling Out.
  3. With The Buck Fix Update And Because Obviously, Um This Is A Bu Fix Update. That Will Bring Quality.
  4. Improvements, Just To Go Through Some Of The Fixes And Improvements. If You Would Be Interested.

That We Can Expect To See Roll Out, Shortly And Just To Mention. These This Update Effects, Games You Install. On A Secondary Drive Apparently, Now They Remain Installed, On The Drive So That’s Quite Significant: Fix It Addresses An Issue. That Affects Notepad. It Didn’t Open For The Standard; User Account It Also Addresses. An Issue That Affects Eight Zip, Archives It Stopped You From Opening.

Them By Double Clicking, Them In File Explorer And It Also Addresses. An Issue That Affects Microsoft Edge. The User Interface Was Wrong For Internet Options Data Settings, And There’s Also A Printer Fix, Where The Update Addresses. An Issue That Affects Long Edge, Fed Printers Um The Update Addresses An Issue That Affects The “Windows Settings Homepage”, Apparently It Randomly Stopped Responding When.

You Go To The Page: So I Haven’t Seen, That Issue: Yet But That Is A Fix That’s Rolling Out. And Just Uh Three More To Go It Addresses, An Issue That Affects Networking Networking. Sorry, A Device Fails To Make The Automatic. Switch From Cellular To Wi-fi, When It Can Use Wi-fi, And The Update Address Is An Issue. That Makes The Troubleshooting Process Fail This Occurs When You Use The Get Help App And The Final One Just To Mention There Are Some.

Others But These, Are Just Some My Pulled Out That I Thought. You May Be Interested In The Update Addresses, An Issue That Stops A System From Going. To Sleep This Occurs When You Connect An External Device To The System That’s More Or Less What We Can Expect To See With Our Next.

Optional Buck Fix Update

Which Will Be Kb50 34848: If You Do Have, The Get The Latest Updates, As Soon As They’re Available Toggle. Turned On You’ll Also Get Kb50. 35349 Which Will Be The Configuration. Update, That Will Bring The Moment Five. Features: The Fifth Wave Of New Features And We Are Expecting. That To Roll Out, In The Next Couple Of Days Possibly Starting. On The 27th Of February 2024 Thanks For Watching And I’ll See You In The Next One.



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