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How to remap Copilot to any key on Windows 11, 2024

hello guys today I’m going to show you How to remap Copilot to any key on Windows 11. keys on a “Windows 11”, PC this is useful when any of the keys, on your keyboard is broken or stopped working. you can just remap that key to any unused key on your keyboard.

remap Copilot to any key on Windows 11

This Way your keyboard, will still be usable for example my o key is broken, so to show you I’m going to reassign it. the o letter to the “left ALT” key button on my keyboard, to do so we are going, to use an application called Microsoft Power.

toys is a free application for Windows

and you can install it, from “Microsoft Store” After installation, open power toys, Power toys come. with a whole lot of features to help improve your Windows 11. Experience for this guide we’ll use the keyboard manager.


so click on it to enable the “keyboard manager”, toggle now select “remap” a key, click the “plus button” to add a new key mapping, then in the “left drop” down, select the key that you will press, in my case, I want to press the left “ALT key” and in the right “drop-down” select the broken key.


for which you’re “doing this remap”, in my case it’s the o key to save this click okay then click “continue” Now, anyway if I press the left “ALT key” you can see it’s performing. the “o letter” this way you can remap more keys if you “need later”, if you want to remove a key remapping just press the delete button here.


using Power Toys Windows 11

you can also “remap” certain keyboard “shortcuts to better”, fit your work style for example. if you work a job where you have to use one shortcut a lot then remapping. it to a shortcut that is easily reachable.

can improve your workflow, to show you I’m going to remap the “control+ C”, and control+ V, shortcuts to different key combinations. To do so click on remap a shortcut and click the “plus button” in the left column. select the key combination you want to remap and in the right.


column, select the shortcut you want to perform. I’ll press the right alt plus C keys, to perform. the copy task similarly I can assign a new key combination for the paste shortcut, once done click “okay”, to save your selection the custom mapping, is now saved you can try it out to check if it’s working. so guys this is how you can use Power Toys to reassign keyboard “keys” & shortcuts in Windows 11 PC Computer.


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