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How To Use Windows Backup To Restore Key Files And Settings Onto A New Pc

How To Use Windows Backup To Restore Key Files And Settings Onto A New PC: It’s Great To Get A New Computer Windows 11. But You May Have Trouble Figurine.  Out How To Copy All The Applications File,  User Data, And Settings To The New Computer. Now Don’t Fret Anymore In This Article.

I’ll Show You The Most Effective, Way To Transfer: Everything From How To Use Windows 11. Backup To Restore, Key Files And Settings. Onto A New Pc. Guys You Do Not Need To Download Or Purchase, Any Third Party Software. To Do The Task We’ll Just Use Windows Inbuilt Backup. And Recovery Tool To Transfer Your Old Computer Files.

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Can I Backup Windows And Restore It On Another Computer?

Can I Backup Windows, And Restore It On Another Computer?: Apps And Settings To Your New PC. To Do The Transfer, You Only Need An External USB. Drive And A Windows 11 Bootable Pen Drive. First Of All, Connect The USB Hard Drive To Your Old PC. Then Perform A Quick “Format” By defaulting the User’s Data Folder And Your Installation. Apps And Programs Are Located In The C Drive So We’ll First Take A Backup Of The Entire C Drive Into This Usb.


Hard Drive By Creating A System Image, Backup. So To Create A Full Backup Of The C Drive Please: Follow The Steps Open the “Control Panel”, Click On System And “Security”, Then File History. Click The “System Image”, Backup Option Then Click On Create A System Image. Here Select The “Usb”, Hard Drive To Save The Backup If You Have Multiple. Partitions On The Hard Disk I Would Suggest.

You Do Not Include These Drives In The Backup

Image Because It May Create Partition Related. Issues On The New Computer, So I’ll Just Keep Unchecked My Dne. Drives After Restoring. The C Drive On The New Pc I Can Just Manually Transfer. Files From These Two Drives Using A USB Drive Or A Pen Drive Click “Start Backup” Wait 15 To 20 Minutes For The Backup Process To Be Completed.


After The Process: You Have A Full Backup Of The “C Drive”, With All Your Installed. Apps Files And User Data. Now Let’s Go To The New PC to Restore Everything. From The Backup Image, I’ve Got A Brand New Windows 11 Installed. On My New PC, There Are No Other Apps And Programs Installed. Also, My Hard Disk Is Empty Because. I Didn’t Transfer Any Files To This PC, Yet So Let’s Restore, Everything From This Backup.

Image That We Have Created. Guys To Restore: From A System Image Backup. You Need A “Windows 11 Bootable USB”, Pen Drive If You Don’t Have One You Can Just Download Windows 11. Iso File, And Create A Bootable “Pen Drive” Using The Roofers Tool So Insert The Windows 11. Bootable Pen Drive Into The Pc Then Restart The Pc.

How Do I Transfer My Backups To A New Computer?

Transfer: My Backups To A New Computer, While Your Pc. Is “Starting Press”, And Hold Your Boot Menu Key. To Open The “Boot Manager” Here Select Your “Pen Drive” It Opens Up The Windows 11. Setup Wizard Click Next Then Select Repair Your Computer, Now You Need To Connect. The USB Drive Where You Created. The System Image Backup, Then To Restore The Backup. Click On Troubleshoot.

How do I use Windows backup?

Select System: Image Recovery It Will Automatically. Detect The Backup Image, From The USB. Hard Drive Just Click, Next And It Will Start Restoring. Everything From Your Backup, Foreign. After The Restore Is Finished. You Need To Log Into Your Windows, Account On This New PC. And Set Up A New Login Page.

So We Have Transferred

All The Apps And Files: That We Stored On The C Drive On The Old PC. You Can See It Has Created. Only The C Drive Partition. On My Hard Disk But. As You Have Seen I Had Two More Partitions. On My Old Pc, So We’ll Create Two More Partitions. For D And E Drives On This PC Windows.


As Well To Do So Follow, The Steps Thank You Now. You Can Go Back To The Old Pc. And Manually. Copy All Your Dne Drive and files, To A USB. Drive Then Return To This New PC and “Paste The Files”, To Their Corresponding Drives So Guys. This Is How Easy It Is To Transfer Your Data From An Old Pc. To A New PC Whether It’s A Laptop Or Desktop.



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