How To Use Windows Sandbox On Windows 11, 2024

Hello Friends, How Are You All, I Hope Everyone Is Well, In This Article, You Can How To Use Windows Sandbox On Windows 11, If You Read This Article Even Once Wrong, You Will Not Have To See Any Other Article. To Last.

Welcome To The “Windows 11”, Computer And Technology Blog And Uh We’re In Windows 11. Is There A Sandbox, Yes There Is So In Windows 10 I Showed. You That How To Activate. The Sandbox Mode And How To Use Windows Sandbox On Windows 11. It is basically In “Windows 11”.

There Is Also A “Sandbox”, In The Pro Version, Unfortunately, Once Again Windows 11. Does Not Have It In A Home Version. Once Again You Have To Have, Virtualization Enabled, Within Your CPU in The Uefi Bios. Of Your Computer Or The “Bios”, If That Is Turned, On You’ll Be Able To Use The “Windows 11”, Sandbox Mode Of Course.

How To Use Windows Sandbox On Windows 11

The Difference Is That “Windows 11”, Gives You A Windows 10 “Sandbox”. Windows 11 Gives You A Windows 11, Sandbox So How To Enable It Well Simply. Go Into Your Search and type “Windows Features”. It’s Going To Bring You To Turn “Windows”, Features On And Off In The Good. Old Control Panel In Here You’ll Go Down.


Until You See That There Is A “Windows 11”. Sandbox, To Put A Check Mark In Front Of Right Here, Put The Check Mark, You’re Going To See It Work. You’re Gonna See It’s Gonna, Actually “Install Files”, Change Things Around. Once You Click The “Ok”. Button Don’t Forget It’s Going To Ask You “Probably”, But Do Restart So Just Make Sure That You Go Into Their Power. And Click The Restart Button.


This Is Going To Make Sure, That All The Files And Everything Is Enabled. Within The Sandbox Mode Once That Is “Done”, All You Have To Do To Enable Set To Use It Or Enable “Sandboxes”. To Use Simply Type Sandbox Or Windows, Sandbox. Mode Windows 11. Sandbox Is Better Here We Go Windows. Sandbox Click The App It’s Also Available.

In The List Of Apps Within Windows 11

And It Brings, You To A “Sandboxed”, Version Of Windows 11. That You Can Use With The Same Features. Tanks Bar And Search, It Is Once Again A Secure. Place To Try Things, You’re Not Sure Of Anything. You Have Downloaded. That You. Don’t Want To Take A Risk In There If It Just Messes Up.

Everything Just Close, The “Window” In Your You Know Back To Normal Uh What Happens In There. Is Going To Stay Within The “Windows”. “Sandbox”, Of Course, You Can Try Software. You Can Try All Sorts Of Things. It’s Also A Great, Way That If You’re Not Sure And You Want To Learn More About The Internals Of Windows. And You Want To Try Things.

You Know With The Registry Windows

And So On That You Don’t Know, If It’s Going To Break. When Those Are Not Well You Can Break This “Windows”. And If You Break This “Windows” It’s Fine You Just Close The Window, And “Restart”, The Sandbox, And Go Play It Again Every Time You Restart, It Starts Fresh Like A Brand New Install Of Windows 11.

So This Is A Cool Cool Way Of Learning More, About “Windows”. Also By Tweaking And You Know Trial And Error It Doesn’t Matter. If You Make A Mistake All. You Have To “Restart” The “Sandbox” So Once You Click That X On The Upper Right, It Discards Permanently. Loses Everything, That’s In There It Is Not Permanent And Nothing In There Is Ever Permanent. If You Enjoy My Videos Please Subscribe and Give Us a Thumbs Up Thank You For Watching.



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