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Windows 11 Sound Not Working No Output Devices Found [2024]

Hello, Guys Welcome To Windows 11 Sound Not Working No Output Devices Found. Guys We Are Going To Fix The Audio Or The Sound: Issue On Our Windows 11. So As You Can See Here If I Go To My Audio, It says that No Audio Installed. And If I Enable This Option.

You Can See It’s Not Working, And It’s Saying That Node Output Device. Found So If Are Getting, Any Kind Of Error Or Similar; To This Error This Blog, Is For You So I Will Show You How To Troubleshoot This Issue, Step By Step So First Of All We Need To Check. The Services Of The Audio Okay. Services Are Very Important To Run Any Software.

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Windows Search Bar Then Type Their Services

And “Run It As Administrator”, Once You Open That You Need To Click Anywhere, On The Services: Page And Press W, Look For Windows 11, Audio Okay. You Can See Here Now It Should Be Running: But In My Case, It Is Already Running. If In Your Case It’s Not Running Right Click, Go To Properties And Startup Site Set It As Automatic.


And Start It From Here If It Is Stop Like This Just, Start It Okay Start. It Now Click On Apply Click On OK. Now You Can See the Status Is Running, And the Startup Type Is Automatic If In Your Window 11. It Is Already When Just Restart It The Restart. Will Refresh All The Settings Here Now It Is Restarted Okay Still the Same Issue.

Second Method Go To the Control Panel

Open Control Panel, Go To This View By And Select. A Large Icons Select The Sound Option, Here Okay. Once You Select The Sound Option, You. Can See Here The Driver Of Real Tech: Is Not Visible. Here You Can See Here Okay If You See Any Down Arrow. Here You Need To Just Connect This Option and Enable This Option Okay?

But In My Case, The Driver Is Not Listed: In This Setting. So What We Can Do Is We Need To Look For The Other Method Okay? So In The Third Method, We Will Use The Windows 11, Troubleshooter. By Default, You Need To Just: Right Click, On The Audio Icon And Click On This Option.

Troubleshoot Sounds Problems

And It’s Going To Automatically, Resolve The Problem. For You Okay Just Select Yes Option, Here Do You Concern. Or Time To Solve Your Audio Issue Yes Okay. Let Me Change The Okay So This Is Unable: To Fix My Issue So It’s Saying That No Audio Device Connected. So The Problem Is Remaining. Same So What We Need To Do Is We Need.

To Go To The Device Manager, Here Open The “Device Manager”, And Go To This Option Sound Video Or Game Controller. Expand That And The Audio Driver, Should Be Visible Here But In My Case The Realtek. Auto Driver Is Not There So Sometimes, It Is Hidden Go To View Then Click On Show Hidden Devices Okay. But Still, There Is No Audio Driver Here If You Found Your Realtek.


Windows 11 Audio Driver

Here You Need To Right Click, And Update: It Like This And Search Automatically: First If It Is Not Working. Like This Close Update Browse My Computer, For Driver Let Me Pick From List Of Available Drivers. And From There Only Choose The Realtek High Definition Audio. I Click On the Next Option Like This, Okay But In My Case It Is Not Visible.

  • Here So We Need To Install, The Driver From Google Okay. So Let Me Open The Google, Chrome I Need.
  • First Go To The Manufacture, Website. In My Case I’m Using Here The Dell So Dell Driver, Download If You Are Using Lenovo Lenovo.
  • Driver Download, You Just Need To Only Write Three Words If You Are Using Other You Can Choose Replace This Option.

Like The HP Travel Download Okay, Just Choose This Option Driver. And install What You Need To Put Here. The Serial Number, Here It Is Trying To Detect: So Let Me Open The Cmd, I Will Show. You The Other In The Other Window 11. It Will Not Automatically Detect But If You Install The App You Can Do That I Am Giving You The Command.

Windows 11 Space Bios Space

Get Space Serial Number, And Hit Enter Okay Once You Hit Enter. This Is The Serial Number You Just Need. To Select That And Hit Enter, Once You Hit Enter. It Will Automatically Copy So Let Me Open The Notepad. You Can Also Write Down. On A Note Bit Okay Copy This Already Copied What I Am Showing.

You Click Here And Then Click On Search, This Is The Same. Way You Can Do In Other: Manufacturer. Like Driver And Software, You Can See There Change To India Okay Once You Go To This Option. You Can Choose This Option “Check For Update”, This Will Automatically, Detect Your Driver But If It Is Not Working You Can Choose This Option Manually.


Find The Install Windows

This Will Choose All The Drivers Pending, Drivers. But This Will Choose A Particular: Drivers. You May Have To Select The Operating, System In Other Windows 11. If I Choose Here Click On This Option Select Drivers, Select The Audio From There, And Install The Realtek Audio Driver Okay.

WINDOWS 11Drivers
But I Am Choosing Windows 11Here The Dell It Is Scanning, Now Now You Can See This Device
It Is Automatically DetectedBut You Can Also Choose.
The Same And We Are Going To Look For The Audio Driver OkaySo You Can See Here Real Tech High.
Definition Audio Just Click On ThatAnd Click On Download.

It’s Going To Download, Now A Real Tech High Definition. Audio So Method Will Be Same For Windows 8 And 10. Also, You Can Also Follow, This This Is The Genuine Method. To Fix This Kind Of Error. Whatever Error You Are Getting Related. For the Audio You Just Need To Follow, You Need To Choose Only The Manufacturer Driver Okay It Is Also Suggesting.

Real Tech But You Need

To Put Here The Sn Key, This Means Serial Number Now It’s Downloaded. So Let Me Just Run It From, Here You Can See The Sign Open: And It Should. Be Running Let Me Go To The File And Folders Okay. And You Can See Real Take High Definition, You Just Need To Double Click On That Okay It Is Already. Open Now the Third Time So Let Me Minimize This Click On Install.

It Will Take Some Time, To Load The “Driver Click On Next”, Click On Next Now I May Have To Restart My System So Let It Reinstall. First Okay So You Need, To Choose Here Yes I Want To Restart My Computer: So Click On Finish Option And Your System. Will Be Restarted So I’m Clicking On the Finish Option. Here So Guys I Have Restarted My System.


Windows 11 High Definition

And You Can See Here I Can Hear And The Issue, Has Been Resolved, You Can See Here It’s Working. It Is Detected by The Real Tech High Definition Audio Driver. Here If I Go To The Device Manager Or Real Tech Audio Driver: Is Here So Let Me Update; This Okay Choose This Option. Realtek High Definition, Audio Which I Was Talking About Previous Okay Click On Close. Now You Can See The Real Tech High.

Definition Audio Driver Is Installed, In My Laptop. And The Issue Has Been Resolved, Okay So This Is How You Can Troubleshoot. The Audio Or The Sound, Ratio On Windows 11 Or Even Windows 10 is Okay. So Hope This Video Is Useful, For You And that Your Issue Has Been Fixed Now If Your Issue Is Fixed. Then Hit Like Subscribe And Share Thank You Thanks For Watching How To Fix Windows 11 Sound. No Output Devices Found.



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