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How To Find Any File On Windows, 2024

How To Find Any File On Windows: What Is Going On Guys Welcome Back In This Little Article, Today I Want To Show You How You Can Instantly Find Files On Windows 11. With A Little Tool Called. Everything Now Before, We Talk About Everything, I Want To Show You How You Would. Do It The Windows Way The Default Way Let’s Say We Want To Find Something A File.

We Don’t Know Exactly, What We Named It Or what We Want To Find. For Example A Version, Of The Java Development. Kit “Jdk” We Don’t Know Which, We Have On The Hard Drive What I Can Do On Windows. Is I Can Just Press, The Windows. Button And I Can Type I Don’t Know, Jdk And In This Case. You Can See Okay I Have Jdk 17 But I Know I Also Have Jdk 11.

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How Do I Search For Files On My C Drive?

So How Can I Find: It Maybe By Typing Jdk 11 No It Doesn’t Find. It Dash 11 Doesn’t Find It Space 11, Doesn’t Really Find It So What Can I Do To Find. The Java Development Kit Now What I Could Do Is I Could. Go To The Explorer, I Could Go To I Don’t Know Maybe I Know It’s Somewhere. In C I Can Type Here Search And I Can Type Jdk And Then It’s.

  • Going To Take A While, I Have To Press Enter Then. It’s Going To Work And Work And Work And It Just.
  • Is Tedious I Don’t Want To Do It Like That Now, What I Can Do Is I Can Also Use The Windows Subsystem.
  • For Linux Which Is Not Recommended. Way Because You Know It’s Just Overhead Unnecessarily.

How To Find Any File On Windows

So I Can Wait For It To Boot, I Can Go To Uh Documents, And Then I Can Open, Up The Fuzzy Finder And I Can Say Look. For The Java Development Kit. And Then It Loads, And Loads And Loads. And It’s Not As Quick, As We Want To Have It Now. Let Me Show You How This Works With Everything, I Open Up “Everything” This Is The Tool.


By The Way, You Can, Get It From Voidtools.Com Just Download it. The Installer: And Now What I Have To Do Now In This Case. It’s Already Listed Because. I Tried This Before, Recording The Video But. What I Can Do Is I Can Just Type Jdk And It Immediately. Finds Everything Where The String, Jdk Occurs There, You Go Everything Where Jdk Is In The Name It Is Found Immediately.

And I Can Then Just, Double Click And Open The Directory. Now Maybe I Want To Find, A Certain Python Script. I Can Just Type Python, There You Go Now. We See All Sorts Of Directories I Can Also, Say Okay. Look For Documents And Then It’s Only Going To Find Simple Files Here Now Maybe I Want To Find Python.

Files So Maybe I Can Go To Everything

And Just Say For Example,,I Don’t Know “Tcp”, And Then. Py And Then You Can L, See This Is A Fuzzy Find Because. It Finds The Tcp, Here And It Finds. The Py In The End. Everything Where TCP Occurs. And Py Occurs It’s Found, Um Now Maybe I Also Want To Find. Something Like Udpy They, Go It Instantly Finds It How Does It Work.


It Index, The Whole Indexes The Whole Hard Drive, So Everything As Far As I Know Is Running. Here is All The Time And Uh Basically Indexing. All The Time Whatever I Look For Is Found Immediately, So What Tutorial Do I Have For Example, I Have A Tutorial On Sockets. So I Can Just Type, Socket I Can Go To Search. I Can Say Okay, I’m Looking For A Video Uh And There You Go Sockets. Mp4 It’s In Business. Sockets This Is The Video I Have Prepared.

How Do I Search All Files In A Folder?

Search All Files, In A Folder: Um, Or Maybe I Have A Python, Script Where I Show I Don’t Know A Port Scanner. Or Something, Port Scan Like That. You Can See Thread, Port Scanner Python. Maybe I Don’t Want To Look For The Video I Want. To Look For The Python, File Ports Canopy. There You Go Um I Don’t Know Maybe I Have A Book.

Series Here So Maybe: I Type Bible Python There You Go You Can See It’s A Fuzzy. Find “Python Bible Volume” So Even If I Type Bible Python And Not “Python Bible”, It Finds It The Windows Search Cannot. Do That So It’s A Fuzzy Find And It’s An Instant. Find Whatever I Look For I Can Find It Immediately, Maybe I Have Some Notes Txt File Somewhere.


There You Go Um Programming, Django Programming. Neural Nine Recorded Voice Assistant. You Can Find Everything, Immediately, Whatever You’re Looking For Now If You’re Running. This For The First Time, It Has To Index Everything. If You’re Running, It For Uh The First Time. In A Long Period, It’s Going To Index For 30 Seconds Or Something And Then.

Why Can’t I Find A File On My Computer?

You Can Find: Everything, And This Is Not Comparable. With A Windows 11. Search It’s Not Comparable, With Fuzzy, Finder On Linux It Works Like That Instantly. Now I’m Not Sure If It’s Going To Work. On An Hdd, I Think It Should But On An Ssd, It Works Like That So This Is Just Something. I Wanted To Show You You Can Also Play Around.

With The Settings: Here You Can Use Regex You Can Use Advanced. Search With More Complex Settings, Here You Can What Can We Do Here We Can Filter For Audio. For Pictures For Folders Whatever You Can Preview Files. You Can Change Also The “Thumbnail”,  Here As You Can See And Once You’ve Found It.


Something: That You Like Once You Found The File That You’re Looking for. For For Example Port Scan Scanner. I Can Just Double, Click It And It Runs In This Case, Or I Should. Be Able To Right Click It to Open Path. And There You Go And You Can Find, Stuff Instantly, So That’s It For This Little Blog, Today It Wasn’t Fancy Nothing Too Complicated. I Just Wanted To Show You That Tool Because I Enjoy.


Using It And I Know: That A Lot Of People Struggle On Windows 11. With Finding Files So If You Liked That Article, Let Me Know By Hitting The Like Button And Leaving A Comment. In The Comment Section Down Below: Also Don’t Forget To Share And Hit The Notification Bell To Not Miss A Single Future Article, For Free Other Than That Thank You Much For Watching See your Next Video And Bye.



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